A bit hooky

He appreciated that I did really well working as part of Chiswick escorts services of https://charlotteaction.org/chiswick-escorts and that I did not want to change my lifestyle. I really appreciated this about Nick, he was the only of my boyfriends who had not tried to change anything about me. Being together with Nick was great as well. He was funny and he even got on with my Chiswick escorts friends. And, more importantly, he did all our taxes for us and saved us a fortune.

But, what we appreciated the most was that Nick was honest, quite a few “hooky” guys in the Chiswick escorts. He never tried to rip us off and basically told us the truth. Our relationship wasn’t really going anywhere. We seemed to remain girlfriend and boyfriend and I was quite comfortable with what Nick called our “working relationship”. I would often accompany him to business dinners and he would spoil me rotten. He took me shopping and just in generally made me feel like his little princess. One thing I appreciated more than anything was that Nick treated his clients with such respect, just like we treated our dates in the Chiswick escorts service.

I honestly thought I had found my dream date in Nick until one very early Friday morning. I was just getting ready to go into the early shift at Chiswick escorts services when there was a loud knock on the door. Outside stood two policemen wanting to speak Nick. He was in the bathroom so I let them into the hall. It turned out that my honest Nick was less than honest. My lovely guy who had done so much for me and my Chiswick escorts friends, turned out to be defrauding his clients. Not only was he setting up bad tax deals for them but he was even taking money away from some of them. That morning my lovely Nick was arrested and it was the last time I saw him. It took me a long time to trust a man again.

During my stint at Chiswick escorts services, I fell in love with the most wonderful. The only problem was that he ended up completely breaking my heart. To be fair, my boyfriend moved in totally different circles than me and I had actually met him on a date. A couple of days later I bumped into whilst out shopping and he asked me for coffee. We did get on really well and he seemed to understand that my lifestyle as part of Chiswick escorts services, was totally different from his. Despite all of our differences we did fall in love.

Nick worked as a tax accountant for one of the leading audit and chartered accountant’s companies in Chiswick. He was seriously on top of his game and new a lot about tax evasion. I know some of his clients from dating them as part of Chiswick escorts services, so I appreciated that they were extremely wealthy. What I didn’t know at the time was that my very honest boyfriend was going to end up in jail. It was quite laughable in the end as he kept calling Chiswick escorts services something “a bit hooky”, just like if we were characters out of Fools and Horses.


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